Greetings - Been a member for a while - first time posting. Mark Levinson 20.6 and 23.5 owner

Hello to all,

Been a member on this forum and others for some time. I usually just look around. I own both a Mark Levinson 23.5 and 20.6 mono. I read with great interest posts from Hans Polak and others as one of the 20.6 is having issues after I repaired it about 4 years ago. Similar issue as before I believe but this time not so simple. Started off with clicking and popping in speaker but now amp protection being activated. Found at least one bad 2.2uf 160v film cap so far. Last time it was one of two matched fets in the steering circuit for the POS_Drive and NEG_Drive. I have isolated the problem to a certain degree but the fix still escapes me. Wish me luck. I hope to solve this myself but may posting here for some more guidance.

Kind Regards,
John R.