Greetings and Happy New Year from Delaware


I've been into hifi since I was a teenager in the 70's, have dabbled in electronics for decades and now I am getting into restoring vintage audio gear. I love browsing the forums on this site and feel like it's well past the time I should get around to joining and participating in the community.

I own good Pace soldering and desoldering tools, a couple of o-scopes, DMM's, power supplies and signal generators. So the workbench is coming along, and now I want to get myself set up to do THD measurements.

So to start out I'm looking at heavily modifying a vintage audio oscillator (Heathkit IG-18) that is collecting dust on the shelf, and then I'm strongly looking at buying a good USB audio interface and using ARTA software on the computer for spectrum analysis and THD measurements. Heavily leaning at the moment toward buying the MOTU M2 that was recently released - it seems like great value for the money.

So to sum up, I'm looking forward to asking questions on the forums here and hopefully sharing my learnings along the way.

Happy New Years to all! Cheers,