Greeting from Kendrick Pavey, Director, Silver Stealth Cables

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Hi Everyone

I'm pleased to join this DIY fraternity. Below I've attached an introduction that is probably also appropriate to this medium. A few other tidbits:

Since returning from the US in March 1999, I became heavily involved in Melbourne Audio Club. This is a great, active club which fosters many individual group interests. Come and visit us if you are ever in Melbourne (meetings every third Wed in Nudawading Council Offices - Willis Room). I quickly became the Equipment Convenor, and broadened this group over the two year tenure to include visits behind the scenes at Imax, Village Roadshow, Newmarket Recording Studios and others. It was a hoot. These days I am Vice President for the club, and of course, I keep a healthy DIY interest on the side.

Re my system, basically it's tube electronics (SE 12AU7 tri-triode pre - dual mono, modified Contan KT88, now SE-PP, Camelot digititus, Gallo speakers and of course all my own cables - interconnects, digital cable, power cords and speaker cable.

I particularly like Jazz in its many forms, mostly upbeat, but also innovative standards. Blues, funk, acoustic, and world - the latter growing on me in my old age! Undeniably I'm drawn into the multi channel arena also with DVDAs and music DVDs too. I made my own Peerless sub with two passive radiators which rocks out on these types of media.

Anyway, as you've probably gathered, my passion for audio is deeply rooted, and I'll attempt to answer questions both related to and not related to cables as they appear. Hope to make some new friends and learn some things along the way too via this forum.

Cheers, Kendrick.


I just wanted by way of introduction to talk briefly about myself and the new range of cables Hugh and I will be introducing to the Printed Electronics website. First of all, a little bit about me....

I am a self confessed audio nut for a start, and it was during my 1 year overseas assignment to the US with Ford in 1998 that triggered this insatiable appetite for audio knowledge and music quality.

At high school my best subject was percussion for which I scored 91/100 as a sixth additional subject. I was also head of instrumental music in that year. I went to Melbourne University and completed a BE Elec (Hons) and BSc, finishing in mid 1993.

Since then I have been working at Ford the last 8 or so years, and as much as I love fast cars it's audio that really ignites my passion and energy. Most of my spare time is either spent visiting audio friends, concocting audio experiments or just kicking back with a great Aussie wine and relaxing to the tunes of post modern jazz, blues, acoustic or a good movie. Basket case, works for me. Oh yeah, and I am trying to squeeze an MBA in there somewhere too.

I have known Hugh for some three years now and we have developed a great friendship. I respect him enormously and vouch that he is a true gentleman. His knowledge on all things amplifier wise is astounding and as you guys have probably gathered, world class. His dedication to customer satisfaction goes beyond what most companies consider being 'consumer focused'.

What I hope to bring to the partnership is a much overlooked area of audio that is unfortunately diluted by many products that are sub-par or way overpriced. I know - many cables claim the world and don't deliver. I hope to prove that at least in my case, this is wrong!

The raw materials I have chosen are top quality, the assembly process simple and the results speak for themselves. Just like the Aksa. Best of all the synergy between the products is for real - we've tried it and use it ourselves.

As I said to Don Bilger, Ford Audiophile Club, MI, anything that is in the signal path has a significant influence on the final sonic result - to ignore interconnects would be at one's sonic peril. I have seen systems where thousands have been spent on gear and the components hooked up with 'chicken wire' gads!

Anyway, enough dribbling from me. I hope to get to know you well as the days unfold and believe there's a significant improvement awaiting you, should you be prepared to try the Silver Stealth Cables.

Please contact me directly for the full review from Don Bilger, more detailed product information and a newsletter I've sent recently to existing Silver Stealth Customers.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy your music.
May I respond to this?

This is an introduction section. Telling people about me and what I do is a fair enough intro, no?

Secondly I went looking and couldn't find any rules regarding content of notes. Someone might care to point these out to me for future reference.

I think I have something to offer this forum, perhaps you might like to give me a chance. Like you, I am a music lover at heart, a keen DIY'r, passionate audiophile and musician to boot.

Cheers, Kendrick.
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The only way you are going to get out of this is to publish some DIY cable designs. On second thoughts that might not be such a good idea since the TDR twins Harry and Jocko will be looking over your shoulder, and we all know that they are tough to please.

Go Aussie !

Hello Kendrick, and a warm welcome to Diyaudio.

Don't worry about the Monty Python lyrics - just a joke response to Ren Hoek's comment.
Good to see another fellow Aussie commercially involved with high end audio.
Perhaps you should post those reviews to a web page somewhere, so we can learn some more.

Jam is correct in that you now need to tell us some more of what you have cooked up, and how and why it is better than other interconnects that are available commercially.
This forum is usually a tree hugging hippy, feel good, sharing caring sort of thing, and we are all interested in new and interesting developments and knowlege.

So over to you.......

Regards, Eric.

You and Jocko are most welcome to call me Eric - Feedback Electronics is my day job business name, hence 'mrfeedback'.
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Re: Go Aussie !


Welcome. Don't let the broadside discourage you... i thot your intro was informative, but i expected some comments on the commercial aspects of your post (the singing and dancing was a bit of a surprise) -- you have to be subtle, sneak stuff in when it is on-topic.

If Hugh will work (and drink beers) with you, you gotta have something to contribute.

Wire of the Week

"This forum is usually a tree hugging hippy, feel good, sharing caring sort of thing, and we are all interested in new and interesting developments and knowlege."!!!???? I know Jocko and I slip into rare but subtle humor once in a great while but this is just over the top! How can you live with yourself man? Have you no shame!

As for 25 pair wire, what on earth whould you want 25 speakers for?

Last but not least you know what goes great with a SPAM and Vegamite omlet.....


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Very Punny

I sold my last bike to buy a turntable. I only fell off the turntable once. If they had an Olympic event for handlebar dismounts I would have gotten the GOLD. I once made a friend crash from laughing so hard watching me crash. It still hurts to think about it.
Has anyone else ever done a 50MPH cartwheel?


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The only way you could cartwheel off that <i>thing</i> at 50mph, would be if you rode it out the back of a C130 at altitude. Probably a suitable use for it. :p

Fun with TT's.
When I first got my Gyrodeck years ago, some friends came around to have a look at it. They'd spent the afternoon cooking with their friend Alice B Toklas, and then spent the entire evening mesmerised by the spinning gold weights eating my chips. Whilst they never fell off the TT, they did fall over a bit. My TT light was an 211 tube with just the filaments driven, and the image of them in it's glow still makes me laugh.

My current ride is one of these


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Don't be dissing my dirtbike

It would go 65 with the stock rear sprocket which is fast enough to hurt yourself in the woods. And my father flew C-130s so don't be talking bad about that fine aircraft. Actually my first bike was a Yamaha, shipped back from Japan in pieces in several boxes marked motorcycle parts. That's how I learned to read schematics
and work on motorcycles.


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Wasn't really dissin'...........

yer scoot, merely 'taking the ****' in the Aussie tradition. No offence mean't. Dunno where you got the idea I don't like C130's though. One of the great aircraft. I've always loved 'planes, ever since I was a small boy, and started doing Aero Eng at Uni, swapping to electronics later. I'd love to skydive out the back of a C130.

<b>It would go 65 with the stock rear sprocket which is fast enough to hurt yourself in the woods.</b>

True enough. When I get my new dirtbike next summer, WR400, it's potentially a lot faster than 65mph, but I bet my average off-road speeds a <b>lot</b> slower. I want it to have some fun in the scrub nearby, but also to sharpen my sliding ability and improve my riding on the road. More of a creaky demon, than a crusty one.
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Hey Silver Stealth,

Welcome to the forum!

Your intro thread keeps popping up on the main board. Even though you didn't come to advertise, you just gotta be loving the exposure!

And now, an excerpt from "P.T. Barnum's Two-step Guide to Commercial Exposure that Just Won't Quit"

Step 1: Drop an innocuous comment about your products on the DIYAudio intro forum. This stimulates a frenetic salvo from the hair-trigger lunatic fringe. (No offense intended y'all--you know who you are ;) ) (None taken, I'm sure.) Some mysterious form of smoke or pheremone signal goes up, and partygoers swarm to the carrion, accompanied by music, dancing, and foamy froth. Pretty soon the party settles down. They'll get chatting amongst themselves, slapping each other upside the head, and telling motorbike stories.

Step 2: Your job is done--or delegated, rather. Just sit back and watch the business roll in!

For what it's worth, I'm glad I could contribute. I'll consider a complete set of interconnects payment in full.

frenetic salvo from the hair-trigger lunatic fringe

I do not have a hair trigger....... Good luck in the wire biz. Last count I believe there were about 500 companies selling audio wire and about a dozen DIY wire sites.

"an innocuous comment about your products"

More over the top comedy. Whatever happened to subtlety in comedy. The only thing he didn't do was post pictures. Hugh Dean is a class act and has been fairly low key on this forum..... hint hint, nudge,nudge! I have never complained about him.
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