Greeting from Columbus, Ohio

I’ve been into audio equipment ever since I was little. My Dad built/sold Hafler equiment and I was hooked. I built some DYI speakers & got into car audio as a teen. I've always loved understanding HOW something worked, but rarely put it back together correctly :( I

'd love to meet others in my area here in Ohio as I'm a heavy kinetic/visual learner, and while I can read and understand if I read slow and visualize it, I learn 100X better when I see/do with assistance. Hoping to learn as much as possible as I tinker with amps, etc.

Take Care, Mike

I'm here in Columbus also, there seem to be a fair number of us DIY Audio sorts here. I just saw a post from somebody interested in forming a DIY Audio club here in Columbus and decided to start looking for more potential members. Maybe we can start out by meeting once or twice a month or such. I haven't heard back from the other guy yet, I think I'll start a thread on this forum.