Greetiings audio experts.

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Hi all,

hoping if people out there can offer some advice. My unc recently popped his clogs and in when it came to clear out his house, we came across some audio tech. Namely 2 x Marantz cd17 MkIII's a NAD c 352 Amp, a Sony TA-FA3ES Amp, and Sony CD disck player (don't have the ref number for this) and 4 pairs of speakers upright models about 4' high (again don't have the ref no's but I know my unc was no cheapkate when it came to his audio. As far as I can tell all this stuff was working fine before he left this world. At present its all at my dad's in a cupboard and now they want me to shift it. Just wondered if anyone can give me the low down on what kind of quality this stuff was. :)
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Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear about your uncle, although it sounds like he liked his audio.

Well the Marantz stuff probably carries the most kudos, the Nad is pretty mainstream but decent enough, and the Sony a bit of an unknown although I think it sports FET output stage. That could make it a good candidate for upgrading and modifying.
Thanks Mooly.

I have the full list of items now.
2 x marantz cd 17mkIII
1 x marantz cd 7300
1 x Sony FA3ES amp
2 x Sony CDXE370
2 x NAD C 352 amps
1 x Sony CDP XB930E

2 x Sony 176E Brooklands edition
2 x Sony SS176E
4 x Mordanut Short 904

Hoping you can advise what would make a good single system I can keep,what is old tat and what can possibly be sold on.

Cheers in advanceMark :)
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Hi Mark,

Welcome aboard.

As far as recommending a system, that's really up to you. One man's trash is another man's treasure so why don't you hook up some things and see what works for you? The speakers all seem to be small two way tower style so it comes down to what you happen to like in the environment you will be listening to them.
Thanks for the advice Cal,I have just brought them back from my parents house (160 miles in the car) and am letting them get used to the room temp. I will, as you say hook them up and see what sounds good to my ears. You are correct with the speakers, they all small footprint tower units which I think my uncle bought as they were all about ear level when he was sat in his chair (thats my logic anyhow).
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