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Gentlemen, I am sorry to have to bother for so little, but it is to write formulas is one of my vices, and I can not write the Greek letter pi, instead appears Cyrillic counterpart π.

The funny thing is that first displays correctly, then the post appears bad.

And you're looking to post this... π ?
I did this by just clicking the "Switch Editor Mode" button at the top right of the Quick Reply message editing window. I'm not sure what the button does other than change between serif and sans serif fonts.
edit: uhh... no... it seems to switch back when the Post Reply button is clicked. Rats! I hate when that happens.
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How do you code the post to get the symbol to display?

It would be nice if the "ALT" + 0xxx would work, but I can't find the correct number.
If I could get the correct number for 0xxx do I then need to add extra coding to select and deselect the alternative font?

I have no idea :eek:

I simply open charmap on Windows XP and copy-paste...

With advice of tvi, select the character and change font type.
Thanks popilin, even I can understand that. ♫ ♥

There's some odd choices of characters there. What use are half a dozen random fractions like ⅝? Maybe somebody did a poll and decided they were the 6 most popular fractions on the interweb.

More likely they assigned codes for every conceivably useful character they could think of, then it came down to: "OK guys, there's still 57 codes with no symbols assigned. Think of something, anything. We need to get this list finished, dammit!".

Hey, Cal's alt codes work too!
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¼ (alt+0188) works on this Forum
as do most of the other alt+0xxx
But the alt+xxx do not work for me on this Forum
alt+227 gives Ò instead of Pi.
Similarly for the other alt+xxx

So I ask again, since I can't find the alt+0xxx for pi.
What is the code for Pi that works on this Forum?
and what font needs to be coded to display correctly?
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I don't have a computer or keyboard with Numlock so I don't think I can test this properly, but this did work in Wordpad (where you just press ALT-X after typing a hex code): 3A0 / 3C0.

So.. on your keyboard try "Alt +03A0" and "Alt +03C0".

Reference: Unicode Character 'GREEK CAPITAL LETTER PI' (U+03A0)

As for the font... yes looks like Tahoma renders them both in the "upper case" version..

This is Times New Roman: π
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