Greating from PA

Hi Everyone,

I have been a lurker for some time and have been quitely learning from many of the regular posters over the past 2 or 3 years. I am a finance guy for about 16 years, but don't be fooled, it's just my day job . I have alot of different hobbies, here is the short list. I have a home brewery in my basement and have a national award for my recipes. I have been a guitar player for about 25 years, mostly jazz, alternative fusion , and rock. I also build speaker cabinets and guitar effects, and some audio amps. I have a woodworking shop/ and a nice electronics lab in my basement. Yes, I spend much time in the basement, usually late night , and early mornings before work. I am from Pennsylvania, married with three kids( one in college , and two in grade school ). I thought it was time to finally register here, I contribute to 6 other forums , 3 brewing, 2 music, 2 woodworking, and one welding, plus various Yahoo groups of interest. Thanks for having me here, hopefully I can add some helpful stuff to your community.

Hello Chris and welcome to the forums. Homebrew eh? Do you happen to have one of these? ;)


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Gadzooks, that is some brewing set-up. I have seen other persons that start with malted grain but nothing like that, not even close. Very nice indeed.

The best I ever did was kit beers. When I found out that the U-Brew places could do the same thing for me for $35 more than it cost me, I decided to let them have the glory. I am simply the delivery man now. :)