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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has recently buy some product from Great Plains Audio. Two years ago, they sold many woofers, drivers, diaphragms, etc... on eBay. Now, there is no more things from them on this site. Plus, I received many feed-back from people in Europe looking for their products and contacting GPA directly, and the delay can be counted in months and they still haven't received their product yet.

On the other side, I've been also aware of rumor that GPA could be closing soon. Personnaly, I bought this Spring a pair of GPA 416-8B directly from them and had few phone and email exchange with Bill Hanushak, GPA's owner. Bill told me that they are not closing in the short term. I also had many delays with my order but I was lucky enough to get my pair.

Anyway, I'm just wondering about you guys recent experience with GPA. I really appreciate that company and told Bill I hope they will continue to ensure Altec's long tradition for many years.

Hi DaveCan,

Yes, there is not so much feed-back here. Can I conclude that not a lot of DIYaudio members had done business recently with GPA?

Regarding how I like them, I'll know in few weeks. I'm completing a 250L bass-reflex box for them. I'll see in July.

Thanks for Altec User's Board link, I'll check that.

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There's many here who are familiar with some of the GPA products so maybe they will chime in for you eventually.. The Altec link I gave though is where you should get some good instant info on everything Altec, GPA, and beyond!

Good luck with your build, and do post about it here with pics if you are willing.. There's lot's of Altec/GPA fans here.. GM, Pano, Lynn Olson, Gary Dahl, Cal Weldon, etc etc etc.. Cheers!
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I dealt with Iconic which apparently is closely related to GPA, but this is going on 10 years ago. I have friends who have purchased GPA 416 in various incarnations in recent years, generally the wait is significant, but I have never heard of any other issues with their drivers. It might now be a part time operation like so many other businesses that had the wind knocked out their sails by the great recession.