Great forum! Need some info


2010-12-27 12:55 pm
Hi All,

I am very much pleased with the kind of information shared in this forum as I am also planning to do a projector for home use.

I have been doing DYI projects from long time, but dealing with optics is definitely new domain for me.

I have gone through number of posts and could collect good amount of information, but still have few questions and would appreciate if people can provide their comments.

1) Most people here use MH lamps and it seems they are happy with the performance (image- quality/heat/power wise). Has anyone tried with 100W Power LEDs? From technical spec power LEDs appears to be good option.

2) I am planning to do a vertical-design with mirror (15” LCD). Need to know if mirror will introduce any mirroring effect like left-hand-side image getting projected right-hand side etc? I am not a optics expert and it may be dumb question from their POV.

3) What aspect ratio would you suggest while choosing the monitor (for LCD) widescreeen or standard one? Any model suggestion from your experience (base on availability in India), so that I deal least with ripping and FFC issues.

4) Which way you start? I mean, do you select LCD first and then hunt for frensel or first you get the available frensel size-wise and then hunt for appropriate LCD.

5) It appears getting parts in Hyderabad is really tough. It will be really really helpful if people can suggest some good place to buy optical parts in Hyderabad? I inquired “Hansa Pictures” but their cost is way high. They are asking 750 per fresnel lense and 3000+ for triplet lense.

Feel free to share any other point you think.