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Great deal on Stuffed Aleph X boards

I have 2 Hifizen Group Buy vintage Aleph X stuffed pc boards. The boards are stuffed with high quality parts like Holco and Mills resistors, Black Gate caps, multiturn potentiometers etc. Transistors are matched to within 10 mV. They are set up with terminal blocks for external Gain/CSS boards. They are stuffed but untested. I will not be able to finish my high power (100 Watt) Aleph X. The price is $135 + shipping from 11949. I will include schematic.

PS: I will also include a set of Kari Hasto designed Aleph X boards with (8) CSS/Gain boards for free that I started on also. There are some parts mounted but they are incomplete. I will not separate these boards, $135 gets it all.

I will post pics this afternoon.


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