Great Alto Sax Recordings

Well this is a bit tougher maybe, but we need to balance the tenor list. Thank god for Charlie Parker but in his case most of the recordings are pretty bad audio quality it seems. Any suggestions of the best sounding ones?

I guess Cannonball Adderly is worth exploring too. Any suggestions? I've got "Somethin' Else" , which is more music in the "Kind of Blue" vein, with Miles Davis

Well, I'm eager to hear the feedback!!!
The problem with balancing the tenor list is that the alto list begins and ends with Charlie Parker. Most other saxophonists sound derivative and flat in comparison, and those who try to break free from Bird's way sound even worse. No one approaches his level of style, harmonic and rhythmic variation, his remarkable sense of space, or his smooth sound. As much as I'd like to enjoy Cannonball Adderly, Sonny Stitt, Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Phil Woods, Lee Konitz, Paul Desmond, or James Carter, none of these "legends" do anything for me. They do sound real nice, though.

If I had to pick the best sounding Bird CD, it'd probably be the 10th CD of the Verve box set. It contains what I and many other Charlie Parker fans believe to be Bird's greatest solos - four takes of "Chi Chi," "I Remember You," "Now's the Time (No. 1)", and "Confirmation." Charlie Parker with Strings, Jam Blues, and Jazz at Massey Hall are lower-quality but still decent recordings. I'd also stay away from most of the Savoy and Dial recordings if you want to show off your system, but In a Soulful Mood sounds pretty OK too.
Just as I suspected :sad:
But at least there was him! :)

The quality of sound issue was that my son (13 yrs.) was listening and put off by the poor sound of some of the tracks.
He plays some pretty good improvs on his alto, and I want to encourage him! I plead not guilty to being one of those audiophiles that prefers perfect sound to perfect art! OK maybe a little bit guilty!;)

I will check out the short list of "also rans" you supplied. I might find some stuff I like.

i would not snort at the Savoy Sessions of Charlie Parker. I have them on vinyl and some of them are so outstanding sonically that i am firmly determined to hunt them as shellacs.
Also the Verve recordings are not bad at all. I have the Swedish Schanpps album in mind.

AFA Bird is concerned, 1st shoot and then ask. Even the worst sounding bootleg may be a jewel.

For instance: the complete Dean Benedetti recordings of Charlie Parker o mosaic.
You should teach your son not to look that much on sonics, on audio ... otherwise he never will generate art, tell him my best regards, two of my most preferred soundcheck albums are performed by Charlie Parker and Wanda Landowska, both not sounding impressive at all but revealing if the system permits the music to come thru.

Some of those musicians named here i would not consider as followers of Bird's school. Okok, any jazz musician coming after him was influenced by him.

But i think, Ornette Coleman has a personal voice, Eric Dolphy too, Jackie McClean and Wayne Shorter also.

I am not such a huge fan of Dolphy as some of my acquaintants are, but his albums Out to Lunch, Far cry, Outward Bound, Last Recordings, The Berlin Concert, Other Aspects and all recording made together with Booker Little are albums i would ot like to miss in my collection.

Ornette Coleman was one of the leaders of the Free Jazz movement and his early albums on Contemporary and Atlantic are just gorgeous. "Tomorrow is the Question", "The Shape Of Jazz To Come", "Change Of The Century", "Twins" & "Free Jazz", "Ornette!", "Ornette on Tenor", "Live at the Golden Circle" vol.1&2, "The Art Of The Improvisers".

My favourite albums are 1st two i named.
And my favourite musician on them is Don Cherry :) ... just the composing head behind it is Coleman.

But let's step back before Bird, what about Johnny Hodges?
He he I knew I could lure Dice into a comment. Thanks for the additional input.

I was mostly trolling for a list of artists to explore.

The quality of sound issue was only supposed to be peripheral issue (as it always should be!) but sometimes some of the scratchyiest need experience to listen "through"

You can imagine I am a very proud father. At 3 different school performances people have said the same thing: "That boy has soul" (without knowing I'm the father ;) ) You can imagine those are sweet words for a father with Swedish, Norwegian, English ancestry!! His mother is from Costa Rica which might have helped!