Grease packed pots

Hi all! I have noticed this one thing:

I bought a Tivoli iPal radio, and it sounds awsome. The volume knob
has a resistance to it. Tivoli website said high quality controls or something to that nature. I opened it up and looked in, everything was high quality,
but I looked at the backside of the volume control and it loooks typical. No springs or anything I see that provides resistance, and that solid feel they talk about. It looks like a normal pot. So I spray in some contact cleaner and weeeeeeeeee! The control is very loose and free spinning.
So........ to give the illusion that the control is heavy duty or something they inject grease into the controlls!? After a few hours it jelled back up and was tighter but nothing like the molasis it used to be.

Now, I got these IBM speakers. I talked about them in another thread of mine. And all the controlls are STIFF! Same thing, greese or some kind of resin? Seems to me some kind of resin.

Anybody else notice this sneaky thing?