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I must say that I have to agree with Grey regarding the posting of gratuitous images that add nothing to the topic of a thread.

For those fortunate enough to have broadband internet access, these images are probably not a problem but when using modem access the time wasted whilst waiting for a number of images to download can be significant.

Of more importance, is consideration for those who have to pay by the minute for their internet access. Not only do they suffer the wasted time but they also incur a financial penalty.

I am sure that no-one minds paying to access useful information, but to spend money and time only to find an inane picture that has been posted before is not particularly welcome.

Of course, you can always swich off the display of images in your personal profile (as I have done) but then you risk missing a useful schematic that could be of interest.

Don't get me wrong, I <i>like</i> looking at pictures of pretty girls. Something to do with my XY chromosomes, I suppose.
I'm well aware of a number of sources of pictures of young ladies and am quite capable of finding my way there when I'm in the mood for such things. At work I've got a T-1 link. Here at the house I've got a 28.8 modem and, yes, it takes time to download images and, no, I don't give a damn about motorcycles. (Got badly hurt once upon a time and spent years being painfully restored to my natural good looks. In consequence, I'm even more suspicious of two-wheeled conveyances than I am of current sources. Got news for ya...pain hurts.)

All of which being a long-winded way of saying: Yeah, what <i>he</i> said!

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pictures, motorcycle, women

I agree that posting off-topic pictures is rude on a board like this... not everyone can have fast access.
On the other hand, if you were to post a picture of a beautiful naked woman on a motorcycle with one of the new Pass Labs amps riding pillion, I could not bring myself to argue with such a post.:D :D :D :D :D I mean, there are pictures, and then there is ART!
I had a somewhat similar experience a few weeks ago- put my 700 pound Honda in a ditch after hitting gravel in a tight turn- I was lucky to walk away from it.
Nude means it's art.
Naked means you're thinking bad thoughts.
Nekkid means you're actively engaged in something you don't want your Mamma to know about.
I happen to support all three attitudes (with, perhaps, a slight preference for nekkid).
Just not here.
Gravel was my undoing, too.

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Nude, Naked, Nekkid

Hey, it's all good! (Nude, Naked, Nekkid- not the gravel). I had to push the bike 40-50 ft through 6" of mud to get it out of the (deep) ditch. Then I had to listen to my wife and parents telling me to get rid of the danged thing. I figure, walk away from it now, or listen to it the rest of my life. Of course, as we all know, there are better things to listen to.
I find some of harry and jocko's pics amusing at times (usually when i'm not the intended joke). At the same time, I get tired of the hostile attitude. It's like pulling teeth to get a straight answer to a simple question. I mean, excuse us all for trying to have a discussion! Somethings not right down there in Texas!
I've gone from dial up access for over 4 years (rural farm - no broadband available, and I checked. The phone co wanted you to pay for the cost PER FOOT for a T-1), to broadband both at work and at home.

So .. I've experienced both sides.

We can do both include gratouitous pictures AND let our dial up friends surf in speed and peace.

On dial up, one thing you can do is to set up IE so that it doesn't download pictures unless you tell it to.

Go to Tools / Options. Click on the 'advanced settings' tab.

Scroll down to 'MultiMedia'. UNCHECK 'show pictures'.

You will then be able to 'right click' on a picture and choose 'show picture', if you want. If you don't want, it won't download.

I used to surf all the time that way and it was much faster - although sometimes people forgot that not everyone had graphics. My favorite were fancy graphics that were navigation for the web site.

It's not perfect of course.

Do I get a "Dudley" for this? :D
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I'm sure I will come up with a solution for this when I get back into the site. And yes, on broadband, stupid obtuse images rock and appeal to my sense of humour. On dial up, they would probably suck. If enough people vote for a 'inane image switch' on the voting page then I will do something about it. Oh, there isn't a voting page yet? Right after the survey. Or maybe before the redesign. Or after I use Griff's fantastic new logo. Or before I redesign the site again. Or..
inane pixes


i am mainly connected via dial-up/slomodem. Pixes not having anything useful to contribute, be it showing new stuff or illustrating a question or whatever diyAudio-related stuff it may be, annoy me. I am certain not to be the only one.

Suggestion: who wants to have theses images noticed anyway shall post a link to this pix instead of the pix itself and provide the pix webspace himself. And forum members can decide specifcly if they want to click the link and see the pix or not. And do noit have to switch off images in general (which is not a good idea at all, IMO)

May i vote for setting up a rule that posting any off-topic, inane, stupid, erotic, "funny", ... , pixes is considered offensive? May i suggest that any member not following this rule to stick to topic if posting pixes is (verbally) tarred and feathered an chased thru the streets?
I don't know about the pics, just as well as I don't know about this whole site anymore.
I am interested in pre-amp, amps and active filters, there is just not much going on in these area that capture my interest anymore. Pass is too slow to put stuff on the web, the alephs can be done and sound good, most of the posts are about the guy that made a mistake connecting this resistor or that capacitor on his aleph, or about the aleph pcb. I guess I can't blame Jocko or HH for getting snappy about it although I find them annoying at times.
The diyaudio pre-amp thread captured my attention up to post 19,999,999 when I realized that everybody was standing by the pool but nobody, it seemed, was ever going to jump in the water.
I am working hard trying to finish my project and I look forward to take a break and spend some money on CDs rather than on capacitors.
Isn't this the reason why we are here in the first place?
Don't forget that a picture is worth a thousand words (or something along those lines). If there is not enough interesting threads some people try to create more interest (or controversy)with pix.
I am also using dial up modem but don't mind the pictures. I think they make the site more interesting. I would like to see more pictures of DIY stuff. That's what this place is about after all.
Aye, laddie, a picture may be worth a thousand words...but what if the thousand words aren't relevant to what's going on...then what have you got?
As I've said in various places, I'm not averse to schematics, PCB layouts, pictures of equipment, etc. That's pretty much what this place is all about.
Motorcycles interest me not a whit (not even if there's a sound system on board). Attractive young ladies interest me quite a bit...but this isn't the time and place for that sort of thing. Other pictures fall somewhere in between, but I still have to wait for the blasted things to crawl through the modem when I'm at home.
When I'm having steak for dinner, followed by pie for dessert, I want to eat just one at a time, not mix them together. There are sites for motorcycles, there are sites for pretty girls, and there are sites for audio. DIYaudio happens to be one of the latter. Let's not put them all in a blender...the result would be that all sites would look alike and DIY would lose its individuality.


Now I know I'm losing my mind...I've done two edits in the same hour. <i>Sigh...</i>
For those who were saying that not much is happening, I hope to post regarding the Aleph-X sometime in the latter half of next week. That may help...or it may not, depending on your interest level in SS amps and unusual topologies.
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