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Gradual clearout - valves, components, books etc

I'm gradually clearing out my workshop, as I get stuff home and it's up for grabs I'll list it here. No fixed prices, make an offer. My priority is to get it out of here, not make a fortune.

I'm happy to post anywhere at all IF you are spending $20 (AUD - $12USD?) on goods. Want all my 1B3's for $1 because you are repairing an old TV? Sure I'd sell them for that, but if you want them posted you'll have to pay $20 plus the postage. Apart from that pickup is from East Brunswick in Melbourne Australia. Open to trades of good beer if you don't like cash.

This list will grow and I'll update this thread when it does. Soon to come are a bunch of inductors, resistors, more valves, books, etc.

See attached image.


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