Grado SR-80i Recable

I recabled my SR 80i last night with mogami mini quad mic cable.

I am absolutely blown away by the change that occured!
They new cables only have about 3 hours on them, but boy do these puppies sing.
I'm new to the headphone world, bought my SR 80i about a year ago. I'm listening to them trough my nuforce Icon.
I really haven't noticed a change in bass or trebble response, the change is in the resolution and sound stage.

Listening to Sonny Rollins' "Way Out West" was magnificent. The trio has always sounded amazing, but the offset between where Sonny plays vs. the drummer and bass player are is now so real. The space between players really opened up.

Listening the a little Radiohead really shows off the resolution of the new cable. Listening to "Nude" I head the ever so slight reverb on Thom York's lyrics on the right channel.

A quick listen to one of my favorites just reinforces my love for DIY and Paul Simon. "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" is the most incredible collaboration and the headphones handle all the music flawlessly. The horns, the bass, the background singers; it all combines into such an incredible celebration. Its always a good sign when you can appreciate your music collection even more.

I spent about $20 and 3 hours to recable the headphones and WOW was it worth it. I had about 4 feet of cable wound up for normal listening, not any more. The perfect length, a good connector, I couldn't ask for anything more.


Sorry it took so long to take pictures.
Busy week.