Gradiente schematics wanted, hello Brazilian friends!

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I need some Gradiente schematic, power amplifier schematic of early sixties and seventies.


Lab 45
Lab 75
Model 120
Model 160
Model 86
Model 900

Or some Gradiente (JVC) receiver, that used amplifiers with NO simetrical supply and electrolitic condenser at the audio output.

This is urgent...very urgent!...hello Brazilian people...cooperate please with Big Charlie here.

João Pedro.... rabisque aí por favor...faça no paint e mande pra mim!....

João Pedro...JPNascim, make a sketch please, do it in paint program and send it fast to me!


Help me guys, here, in my country, the dirty game is terrible.


-Factories never gave us schematic, having you to buy some "black box" that can have a Chip inside and hy cost that can buy hundreds of that chip.
-Well, to say one exception, Phillips from Brazil used to put schematics glued inside their cabinets...inside equipment..very good papper schematic, protected against humidity and insects...the only one that did that from 1960 to 1972.
-Others decided to let you had to buy "black boxes" that can arrive with a stone nothing can support you to discuss with factory related the insides.


-They decided to import some "white fly"..... or snake with legs and feet (something hard to find..almost impossible) components so different that you even could find replacement in books dedicated to that.
- No one had schematics, forcing you to use their repair shops...and them the price was reaching 30 percent of the new equipment...if fail was a fuse....beeing worst.... they forget the equipment waiting you to forget to..... having more than "some period of time" must stay to cover expenses already made to give to that unit some "diagnosis" stole your equipment.


- Some corrupted technician let schematic appear outside factory and repair stations.... (thieves making a good service to communitty!.... strange isnt'it?)... and a lot of shops start to sell awfull "Xerox" copies for a dollar each page!..... and now a days internet is full of those trick places.....Schematics for free!...and you go there (in the Brazilian sites) they have your adress to disturb you the rest of your life, entering your Spam protection easy..... and you never will be free of them..... you fast discover that you cannot download schematic without 8 dollars payment!!!


I strongly hate those things, and i think schematic HAVE to come together equipment...your rigth! are paying for enclosure, enginneering schematics, and sound reproduction and also guarantee..all this is paid...all this is inside the factory cost plans...including the expenses training people to repair equipments in their "Repair shops"...."Service Shops"

I can buy all i want...but i will never do that...i think this is not honest...and asking you all help....HELP!...IN NAME OF DECENCE!

Brasileiros....ajudem-me.... eu vou me dedicar a sabotar êsses caras...vou fornecer tudo que encontrar gratis!

Brasilian, help me!..i will dedicate my time to make sabotage with those thieves....i will give all schematics to everyone free!!!

I prefer to buy those buy one...... discover schematics and produce good images of them.... an publish everywhere...and make a brazil..... to impeach them to make those things!...will not buy way!

Having schematics, of any Brazilian audio amplifier, send me please, that kind of dirty thing i can take care...we gonna clean this country!..if each one of us decide to do something!




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Jpao Pedro, John Peter, JPnascim, please help me!

You have an enormous paid catalogue.

Send me schematics one by one...sketch, scratch, scan, fotographs, pictures, way you can...even MP3 audio describing and i will make schematic here with my own hand.

Send me one by each you are in University. people, friends...HELP!

Those thieves will gonna have nigthmare with Big Fat Charlie!



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Put some of them here please Evil....i have a powerfull spam protection

That is blocking everything from brasil.

As result of those thieves...i entered them, i gave the adress...i send them many schematics uploaded free, of course, and they are now asking me money.

They will see my money when start to rain from earth to sky... will send them money when the ocean turn yellow with black dots or when Michael Jackson was inside Jail.

You will enter:

The Avatar show my "feeling" to those schematic salesman!... will change it tomorrow...will be for 12 hours "on the air!"


Another Professional unit, made here.

I imagine that now a days, is impossible to have some National design.

We are having influences of all world...circuits are always some copy...some idea came from here, there and everywhere.

So, do not be surprised if you see this schematic and think in some other amplifier.

This one is called "Pearson"




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I already know this site M evil, but thank you by your attention

Not easy to find tranformers in our country.

There is a chance to make modification in one 220 to 110 transformer... a big one.

You remove all the secondary coil that is assembled outside the primary.

Cut the wire in two parts and start to construct the coil again....those two wires, twisted together, that you use to start your new coil will be the center tap, and when finishing, you will have two more wire ends...those will be 55 plus 55 volt AC.... remove around 1/3 of the turns you already made.... solder wires in its place and ready.... a 40 plus 40 AC transformer.... around 55 or 56 when you have it rectified and filtered.

Of course, will need 220 in its input.

Other way is to buy a strong 27 plus 27 volts AC transformer...a heavy unit.... them, remove the secondary wires and count their turns..... you need around 40 volts....let's imagine you found 54 turns.

So aply the old rule:

If 54 turns produced 27 volts
how many turns to produce 40 volts?


27X=54 multiplied by 40..... so 27X=2160...... X is 2160 divided by 27..... where X=80

So, you need 80 turns to produce 40 volts.... biwire represents 2 X 40 VAC..... and this rectified will produce the voltage you need to Ciclotron.

It is easy to assemble...and works good.

Well, you had 54 turns, and now you need to increase the quantity.... this will result in a more "fat" is possible that you have no "room" enougth to put all those turns.... in this case, you must buy wire with lower diameter... to have conditions to put all turns inside the same old transformer..... will loose power.... so, need to start with a very big and powerfull transformer....because it will loose power in this operation.


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