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bob12345678 said:
I decided to return to the analog fold only to discover that
my grace 707 needs new wires. The female plug in at the end of the wires from the headshell has failed.

Even if it was just fine, we* often pulled out the female plug and direct wired from there. We considered this as an upgrade.

* when i worked in the hifi store we literally sold something like a thousand of these.

Depending on the insulation, you can frequently just start soldering and the heat will melt the insulation as you go.
Failing that, I always used a sharp knife and steady hands.
Another alternative, again depending on the composition of the insulation, is to dip the ends into something like acetone, which will dissolve most plastics very quickly.


I had a similar problem with channels going and connectors inside the armpost becoming corroded or worn. The nylon? socket inside the armpost is held by either a slotted or allen grubscrew which usually also connects with an earthing plate inside the armpost.

There is a bit of wire-slack and you can withdraw the nylon connector if you need to work on it.

In extreme cases, I've done this job the hard way, making replacement din sockets for both the armpost (male) and the armlead (female), but you would need a lathe and a milling machine for that. Making one-offs are truly horrible little jobs as great recision is needed for the plugs and sockets to fit correctly.

Regarding baring fine arm wires for soldering, I use an NT cutter blade (model A-300). These blades can be snapped-off and I have a collect-type holder for single pieces of these very sharp blades. A very gentle touch is needed in stripping the insulation. Practise makes perfect.

Whilst you are at it investigate if you can find a rigid head-shell...those Grace ones were horrid. I remember shimming up a unknown make shell - it was a great improvement. The classic cartridge was the Supex and that or most other MCs needed a mass plate added. In fact I still have one for a Supex. Otherwise it is a great arm. I even used it with an ADC 25 which was one of the lightest trackers of that generation...superb on flat records.


2006-06-01 8:05 pm
Hello All

I too am messing around with a 707.

Interested about the comment above regarding rigid headshell.

Since the headshell of the 707 is integrated and non removable,

Im curious, do you perform surgery on the 707 (Im good with that) and

somehow put another headshell on there or is it a matter of modifying the

existing headshell?


Take out the azimuth adjustment screw and it may just twist off. Obviously protect the arm tube and bearings from any torque. A sensible use of a hot-air gun may help. [I am trying to remember back over 40 years!]

A solid sheet alloy shell insert - filling the shell as tightly as possible - will help, but a solid metal rigid shell will be much better.

The pic is taken from a google search....thanks.


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