GPSDO - from Radioshackus - China.

Bought a unit for keeping as an reference - 10MHz or 1PPM. My unit is built on the Trimble base doesn't seem to work as stated - tested. I followed the pdf connecting it and typed help... - No response from the unit. The unit when powered on with the antenna connected started with the leds On and Alm1 - after one second the On moved to Lock -and it have stayed there since.

Now... I was a bit hasty and overly harsh. Hence the edit. There is a solution to this I'm sure of. I will look into it during the weekend.

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2004-03-24 5:16 am
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I looked at them. Probably the 10 MHz and the 1 pps will be good, just not timenuts good. I suspect some guys DIY GPSDO bootlegged on a large scale.

I have a Thunderbolt (from when they were cheap) and an Arbiter GPSDO with a Wenzel oscillator that is very good. But they are overkill for audio.