Got some A/D/S 300i, but no tweeter sound...

So I had a good day out at the Pick-N-Pull last week, got some A/D/S 300i's and a Power Plate amp out of a 635csi, both for $25....And a sweet front spoiler for my 535i for $20, but thats neither here nor there.

When I got home and immediately hooked up the 300i's, I noticed that there was no sound from the tweeters. I checked the fuses on both and sure enough, they were both blown. OK, fine, there was 1 extra fuse in each holder. Replaced fuses but still no tweeters...Hmmm.
Now I am of course wondering if perhaps the tweeter diaphrams are toast...but both?

Then I notice the crossover board on the back.....there is a TON of corrosion on it, actually bridging the traces in many spots. SO I am hoping that is the cause of my lacking tweeters.

What is my best course of action for cleaning the corrosion from teh PCB? Should I use something like DeOxit and a nylon brush? I have both....I can post a pic if necessary.


well that sucks a bit. The tweeters are toast. No resistance across the terminals, cant even get teh buggers out, the gasket that holds them to the chassis is like epoxy.
Well the woofers are perfect at least, they have already been transplanted into my Boston HD5's to replace teh aging adn rotting surrounds....What an improvement! Midbass is worlds better now. These are for my computer system, powered by a Luxman LV-100 integrated amp.

The A/D/S amp I got is a Power Plate 100, pretty rough shape though. I do not even know if it works, we shall see. Lots of corrosion on the connector side, one of the screws that holds the top on I dont even recognize the philips pattern on it...and the right speaker output terminal is loose, partially broken off adn will need to be glued/epoxied somehow.

But at least the woofers were worth it.

And there was much rejoicing!!!!

The Power Plate 100 works fine....too bad the only thing I have to hook it up to in the house is a noisy *** computer power supply.

The only issue is that the right speaker output terminal is loose from the chassis, and cant really be reconnected.
I am thinking about scrapping the screw terminals and putting some mini binding posts on for the speaker outs...any thoughts on that? Sacrilege for a classic amp like this, rust stains and all:rolleyes: