got S51 Ballast from ATLANTA LIGHTBULBS, can i use a dbl ende mh bulb with it?

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my clarification was not as clear as it should have been

what i want to do is use my existing ballast ( S51 Ballast) and add the double ended mh bulb and socket to it. i am at work now on my pocket pc on the web, and dont have wifi, so what i will do is wait until i get off and research using a desktop pc and see what i can find, or see what configurations might match up to this ballast.....sorry about that,
S51 ballast

That is a ballast for a 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium lamp, the pink ones you see in parking lots or street lamps. You can also use it with a Ushio 400 Watt Retrofit MH lamp. These lamps are designed to screw right into an HPS fixture (with HPS ballast setup) to replace the strange light with nice white MH light. (Very good for DIY projection.)

It will not work with any MH lamp but an equivalent retrofit, if anybody else makes such a thing. I don't think they do, and I don't think Ushio makes these in a double-ended. Normal (non-retrofit) MH lamps use ballasts that start with a letter M.
Less than ten inches

hey guy, thanks again,
i want the bulb and socket to be less than ten inches, do u know if any of your suggestions are less than ten inches, if not, let me know of a good light assembley that would be less than ten, but would be at least as bright as my exsisting setup...thanks
double-ended 400 Watt

OSRAM-Sylvania makes them. Here is a link to an online store in Europe:

The lamp is 8.11" long and 1.22" diameter. The OSRAM part number is HQI-TS 400W/D FC2.

Now for the catch: This lamp is spec'ed for 50 Hz power, and does not appear on the US OSRAM-Sylvania website. They do have the same type of lamp, but they only go up to 250 Watt:;sapj2ee_*=4001

I suspect that website may not be up to date, so you should try to call (1-800-LIGHTBULB) or email OSRAM-Sylvania to find out if they have a 400 Watt version of this for sale that works with 60 Hz. If they do, then you could probably get Atlanta Lightbulbs to order it for you. (They may have to buy a case of 12.) Make sure you get the 400W/D: "/D" means daylight, which is a color temp around 5000 K. DO NOT get a 4000 or 4200 K lamp.

Actually, it would be really nice if one or more of the US DIY online stores could get a steady supply of these, along with a compatible ballast and FC2 sockets. I see stores with 4200 K double-ended, and stores with 5200 K Ushio retrofit lamps, but none with a daylight 400 Watt double-ended.
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