Got FE206En, seeking advise.

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I have a pair of FE206En in a Kirishima cabinet. But as my nick states, I'm downsizing my living... moving to a smaller house. So it might be that my BLH is too much for the smaller room. Any advise of what kind of speakers to consider?
I've tried to read about Karlson/Karlsonator, some corner horns etc. I'm rather good with a jigsaw/nailgun/hammer/gluegun, but not that good at speaker theory...
Looks like I ends up with a placement where the wall behind the speakers are less than 3 m. wide. Wooden walls on both sides. symmetrical opening on the sidewalls after aprox 2-2.5m and open into a large living room behind the listening position.
If you have corners the BIB cab for those drivers is an easy build and they are tucked away so to speak so not that intimidating for floor space. Gm's post says it all. Give them a go, you won't be disappointed if you load then as per the design requirements.
Thanks, guys!

I might add that I'm not after a speaker that will fill the "big room" but play good my smaller "room". See attached plans. The red marking is where I plan to have the speakers, and the table in the middle of the room will not be there..
My current speakers will, for sure, fill the main room as well as the smaller part with sound. I'm just afraid that it will be too much bass.

@Freddi, Do you know where I can download plans for the Karlson's?


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That's true! My intention with this thread is just to seek advise about what's suitable for this driver in case I have to do something more drastic. It's the smallest room I've ever planned to have a decent stereo in, so I'm on unfamiliar turf. :)
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You are a luckey guy to have 206en in Krishna cabs.
You have been bitten by the speaker building bug. Moving to a smaller room is just an excuse.
Any way I congragulate you on this golden oppertunity and wish you great rewards.
Before I forget the plans for Karlsson 8"
Please get the valuable advise of Dr. Scott before going this way.
I am telling you this because you are a lucky guy and haven't suffered the pain of having to listen to the
Mid range shout of the 206en as you are using it in a double mouth BLH where the low end comes out to match the high mids. Therefore by reducing the volume you can enjoy the sound of balanced music.
By the way its difficult to predict what your present combination will sound in your new location.
Just try it out at different volumes and you might find the expected result.
I must warn you if you go the double bass refles way for the 206en you will end up using a bsc to kill some of its mids.
If I were you My thoughts would be the Vofo to suit the drawing of the new location.
Even there I strongly suggest seek the advice of Dr. Scott regarding the 206en in the Vofo.
Wish you the best.
Regarding using the Karlsonator8, its tuned to around 41Hz - which may work ok but probalby tuned too low for punch.

In XRK971's post below he speaks of scaling Karlsonator8 for a very low Q Fostex 8. Its confusing as he says 0.53X width as that's not wide enough to mount a 6 inch speaker muchless an 8. Perhaps he will clarify that statement. (maybe "width" = front to back depth ?)

Mini Karlsonator (0.53X) with Dual TC9FD's

FE206EN plays well enough with a K12. K12 are tuned around 62Hz. I'd imagine 70Hz would be where it starts rolling off.

Response of a scaled down (0.62X) K15 with FE206EN. K12 will be a bit lower but not much.
(that graph may have been taken with the cabinet elvated 30 inches off the floot)

Karlsonator8 plan by GregB

1960's Karlson K8 plan with two panel reflector. K8 were tuned around 95Hz
and probably good to a 100Hz crossover to woofer/subwoofer.

One K8 plan - not sure how close to Karlson's 1955 K8 (I'll have to
look for those dims) A top gap/shelf port may work well with this size.

XRK971 suggested a reasonably small (24 liter) XKi alignment for FE206EN
-that could be fun to try

XKi - X's ab initio Karlson 6th Order Bandpass

Here's a nearly K10 cabinet tried with FE206EN which was called "SK8". It had a curved reflector.
I think it might have measured better with a simple canted port panel. It sounded good with FE206EN,
AN8 and W8-1772. Three sets of wings were tried and FE206EN worked well with all. The fast opening
could aid with a driver whose mid/treble response is a bit lacking or laid back.
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FWIW - the original rough Karlsonator8 prototype ran a FE206EN. I never got to hear it as both were ruined in the builder's basement flood.

With a good K-coupler to driver tonal match, there should be no front chamber damping material needed. Its somewhat a try and see/hear situation. Some little coupler could come out pretty bad without damping - or using foamcore build and very bad
if small with high Q peak/hole.

Moray Jame K-T-line couplers with curved reflector. I still have a plan of his for (believe) FE207 and could post - with his permission.
Using MMJ's fudge hornresp model for the Acoustic Control 115BK, I think I can get ballpark low end predictoins for that cabinet which would correspond to my K10 based on K15 when loaded with FE206EN. The model probably is more optimistic on the low end than real.

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Hi xrk971,

In Post #146 are you showing internal dimensions? I'll attach what I have for the original Karlsonator, please, let me know if there are any errors in this drawing.


Attached FilesKarlsonator_Original.pdf (27.9 KB, 125 views)

X's statment of 0.53 width is confusing. Since a Karlsonator8 has a 12" wide baffle, the scaled baffle would be 6.36" in width - hardly enough to accomodate an 8" diameter frame driver.

Even when based to the Karlsonator(12) whose baffle width (that was based on Karlson's K12) 0f 15.25", 15.25"*0.53 = we get ~8 inches - kinda tight - but doable.

The red drawiing looks like something done by TB46 - sure miss him (assumed passed away several years back)
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