Goofy project, need 300~volts for automotive

So, i figured this was a good a place as any to ask, so here goes.

i need a 320 volt or so dc supply for an automotive application. this will be the inverter side of a Capacitive Discharge Ignition circuit to drive ignition coils. the older modules ive seen seem to have flyback transformers and are prone to failure of the associated driver circuitry, so im thinking of going about things differently. the circuits themselves are relatively simple... triggering the coil is laughably simple with an SCR, but getting the inverter side built is where i want this to be overbuilt.

heres one just to get an idea...

6-pin SC/Turbo CDI unit repair documentation - Pelican Parts Technical BBS

or here for a common aftermarket one that seems pone to failure (page 15 is the flyback circuit)

Not strictly audio related (but would be useful for tube powered circuits if you up the frequency out of the audio band) but what im looking to do is provide a 300hz or so square(triangle maybe?) wave bipolar drive signal to control a pair of transistors driving a 26.5v(12.6-0-12.6) center tapped transformer backwards, and then rectifying the resulting high voltage to about 320 volts or so. Im not quite sure the best way to go about it. would using an op-amp oscillator into a phase splitter be a good way to go about this? ive done this before with an audio circuit fed from a tone generator, but want something kind of made specifically for this. this will be automotive of course, and to keep voltage stable will be running it off of an LDO 12v regulator.

any ideas?

i found this, and was wondering if it was a decent starting point...
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