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i have a pair of goodmans fullrange drivers, which i don't know the model of made. The driver is similar to the one drawn, it is a 5". I am thinking of an alternative cabinet like this. I did a half chilli and they sound good. Please suggest. Thanks.


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    goodmans bookshelf 1.png
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It would be extremely helpful if you provided some measured parameters of the driver, or some model numbers (or better still, pictures! - chances are that one of us has seen them...). This would help us determine exactly what kind of cabinet, of which dimensions, would suit your driver.

Even so, nice drawings.



2006-02-19 8:15 am
The baffle appears to have been contoured on the cabs shown above, but they appear to be the same.




There are no specs on the box apart from the numbers on the likd. They measure at 4.7ohms, so I assume a nominal 4ohm.

Pmchoong. Found a link to what appear to be your speakers.
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Thanks,Puffin for the link. Yes, yours looks similar, at least the back but the front looks a bit different. The outer 'plastic' baffle around the cone is different from shape but I think that's only for aesthetic. According to the website it has '...short horn dual concentrics....89db and 6ohms. You measured yours at 4ohms. How do we measure the ohms and the sensitivity of the driver?
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2013-02-21 1:15 pm
Hi, I know its not directly related with this post but I was wondering if anyone that could help "Pnchoong" might also be able to help me, I have a pair of GLL Imagio IC258TLs sadly not a matching pair (I think I have 13 and 15) I already know that these are not the most common of speakers as I can't seem to find any information about them, you may of heard of the 190 Imagios ( there was a boom of these on eBay not long ago) and I would like to own a pair one day but sadly I don't have the funds at the moment, I have also heard that above the 200 series there was a 300 series that is more of a legend than fact (I have never heard of a pair existing).
apparently when these were new they cost about £300 from GLL and that is all I know, it would be brilliant if anyone had any information or brochures that they could email me a copy.