Goodmans of England Axiom 350-info?

Hi all, first post,

I found some Goodmans of England Axiom 350's last week. About 20 lbs each, 20Hz to 16,000 35 watts max, 12.25 inch diametre cast frame speaker (my host and out is down otherwise I'd post pics)

1. Does anyone know more about Goodmans, amazing Google has failed me-searched this site too
2. I built a quick test baffle, sounds pretty good but could use a tweeter/supertweeter
3. has anyone seen/have to share cabinet/enclosure plans for a 12 inch full range? (ok semi full range) br or folded horn or?

Thanks in advance for any leads

if you have an imagestation pass/id
I used to drive past the Goodmans site in Havant, Hampshire, England. However, the company folded just over a year ago, in March 2004. If I recall the local news correctly, there was a plan to transfer driver unit production to Hungary, but I don't know if it came to anything.

In the 70s, Goodmans made hi-fi speaker systems including models "Magnum", "Minister", and "Magister". Goodmans driver models included, I believe "Axiom" and "Audiom", but I'm really stretching my memory. In those days, 30 watts was quite high output for an amplifier.