goodmans magnum k2 strip and re-build


New member
2012-12-24 2:33 pm
hello everyone , i have just joined the forum and looking for help. i have been wanting to look at my goodmans magnum k2,s for some time now and finally find the time . I took out the mid range unit and just touched the positive wire and it fell right off due to a dry joint , so this prompts me to investigate further. However , i am at a loss as to how these wooden cabinets come apart to gain full access to the interior. I want to do an inspection and maybe replace the foam or add deadning material , also some of the cones are detatched , damaged and showing age
So, does anyone have any experience of these units please, :confused:
I Googled some pics of the Goodmans Magnum K2, and it looks like the only way you're going to get into the cabinet is through the woofer hole. Take them out and see what you can see. I can't comment on the worth of these speakers, so if it is worth it to have the cones re-surrounded depends on you. If so, then take them to a professional to have a proper job done. You can look at replacing the caps in the crossover, as they are probably dried out by now. Other than that I can't think of anything specific right now.