Goodmans Axiom 80

Hello chaps!

I have acquired a pair of Axiom 80s in good condition. I'm pretty new to speaker building, but as these fell into my lap I thought it would be a perfect first project :cheers:

No plans of yet, will be doing some proper research when I get home. I'd quite like to see if I can build a fairly "compact" cabinet for them. That or just go ham and build a TL :-D

I'll be back, for now I mostly wanted to gloat :p

Ask the best,
@ BlindMelon7 Take care of those fellas; I've seen a good pair bring in excess of $4000. If you google GOODMAN'S AXIOM 80 you'll find all sorts of info on them. From what I've seen so far, they'll do quite well on the bass if you load them in several cubic feet (200L). Goodman's used a stretched sheet of silk over an opening of about 1 sq.ft. It was called an ARU, Acoustic Resistance Unit, essentially a passive radiator but a vent (port) can be used if it's the right size and length. A 12 inch passive radiator can also be used. It should have a suspension at lease as compliant as the Axiom. From there, it can be tuned by adding mass to the back side of the cone. Without Thiele-Small parameters, tuning a vent can be guess work.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll find oodles of info on it via Google.