Goodmans Axiom 301

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several weeks ago I posted the message below (my first). Didn't receive any replies, so I thought I might simplify the question: is the Axiom 301 a decent speaker to make the basis of a good hi fi unit? I'm now thinking of acquiring another and using it on my modern hi fi, rather than (as before) using just the one on a 1950's mono set up. Any advice/thoughts appreciated: I have very little experience of these early speakers and how they might perform given a good cabinet.

First apologies to moderators if this is in the wrong section. I've acquired an Axiom 301 and am considering substituting it for an Audiom 60 in a mono system (the Audiom 60 is currently paired with a Goodmans Midax 100 and a small tweeter). I'm wondering if this the 301 is regarded as being better than the 60. But also I seem to recall reading somewhere that the 301 is especially suitable for guitar amps, and wonder if that's its main application. Of course I could suck it and see, but I'd be interested anyway in your thoughts. With thanks and regards, Jonathan.
I've only just seen this when Googling for something else!
The Axiom 301 is an Audiom 61 with a whizzer cone. They come in both copper and aluminium voice-coil versions.
They are very low Q, so need a physically large reflex cabinet, or a sealed box with some EQ on the bass. Although the voice-coil won't stand a very high dissipation, the efficiency is so high that it will tolerate a Linkwitz transform in a sealed box application in normal domestic use.
I still own two of these. They were the first speakers I used.
I think you have the high power version. The lower power version was rated at 20w and I think yours says 40w. I believe you will find they are 15 ohm impedance ( most were ) so you will need a high voltage amplifier. However do not be deceived by the apparantly low power rating. Mine were once used along with a 25 watt electrocompaniet power amp to fill a hall with 200 people in.
It can be used as a full range speaker. Goodmans claimed it extended to 12,000Hz. However they also sold a mid range and a high range horn to partner the speaker.
The main problem is that the speaker does require a very large cabinet. From memory Goodmand recomended 1.2m x 0.6m x 0.4m with a 200mm x 150mm loaded vent/duct. The vent/duct was filled by a metal grill covered by a thin felt. The makers recomended that the vent/duct was placed on the front of the cabinet with the speaker at the top and the vent at the bottom. If mid and high range units were used the makers recomended they were placed inbetween the speaker and the vent.
The original cabinets were so large that;
1 My wife did not like them
2 it was difficult to make them sufficiently rigid.
If you need crossover details e mail me as I may still have those. However you may be better to try a more cabinet design.
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