Goodmans Axiom 201


2010-08-18 6:47 am
I managed to buy nice pair of late model Axiom201:s with rubber surrounds. Units are in very good overal condition, but one will develop audible buzz from bad surround to cone seam. It seems pretty straight forward work to reglue the surround. But I am not shure which glue to use. Rubber surround seems quite sticky. It is quite different than other British marques like Kef have used in their woofers, and cone is pulp/papper. I did think that rubber cement for patching bicyckle tyres might be suitable, but does anybody have any better information about this issue.

Disintegrating glue seems to be problem with late Axiom 201:s. Most recent pictures about these seems to show that surrounds are badly wrinkled, most likely due several reglues. Is there any permanent fix for this?

Best Regards