Goodmans 201's

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Just bought a pair of 201's with Trebax horns in a IB box. I intend to play about with them mounted on an open baffle plate.

In a room 14X9' firing down the room what size baffle should I use and where to mount the speakers (offset?). I'll use any suggestions as starting point to experiment.

I'm currently using Magneplanar MMg's with a valve amp and want to see what the fuss is about with full range speakers.

Any comments / suggestions are very welcome

This might interest you:

As an alternative experiment, I'd try a 4'x3' sheet of MDF to start with, the driver slightly offset from the centre (about 6" diagonal) as a start and see what gives. Try starting at 2 feet from the rear wall and work forwards.

So far as I'm aware, there's no decent OB modelling software, bar Martin King's MathCad sheet, which he hasn't completed yet, and probably won't release even when it is, thanks so some loathsome little tykes taking advantage of all his hard work just to line their own pockets. Pity; but I don't blame him (quite the reverse: I support his stance wholeheartedly).

Nuuk said:

I assume you bought the 201's in the cabinets off Ebay UK this week Kevin?

Yes, picking them up this Saurday. I've seen your site and this and the Ciare250 thread were influencers in my decision to buy these. I noticed they are being used in a room much bigger than mine, hence the question about baffle size.

I was hoping to use smaller baffles than 4'X3' as this will completely dominate the end of my room being only 9'wide.

My amp will be rewired to triode mode from UL to reduce the power as the quoted sensitivity on these speakers is miles higher than on my current speakers.

THanks for the replies

I notice that your Goodmans share the baffle with a tweeter, what is it, where do you cross it over and what xover do you use?

I think I'll start with a copy of your baffle and experiment with wings. If I need a sub I'll do some research as your TL subs will simply be too big. Annoying in many respects but WAF is a major consideration, SWMBO is not understanding about these matters. :xeye:

The tweeters come from CPC (can't remember the exact code) and are silk domes costing around a fiver each!

Even living here on my own, I find the TL's rather large. I went with them as I had the drivers but I would prefer OB subs given the choice.

The one advantage of the TL's is that you can build a couple and if SWMBO doesn't like them, you just say "Fine dear you can throw them out while I am at work" knowing full well that she won't even be able to lift one! ;)
Well, a big part of the JE Labs OB appeal is that the floor-loading significantly helps out the low-end. Check out here. Brian Cherry of DIYHiFiSupply had his Fertins in a narrow, tall OB then moved them to the JE Labs OB -- night and day. I've used them with some completely inappropriate drivers, and they do extend the bass to some degree; won't knock any knick-knacks off of shelves, but I suspect that the Axiom 201s would do 40hz in those baffles.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.