Goodmans 201

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planet10 said:

Keep in mind that as they age the magnet strength can decrease and your pair are unlikely to be the same as any other pair out there.

There goes my hope of trying an educated guess.
I've had them on an open baffle but the bass was light and I don't have room for a 4' wide baffle. I guess the next thing to do then is to try a sub underneath them.
I've tried a commercial sub I use in my HT setup but it was awfull. Any recommendations fo a fast sub speaker for a sealed box more suitable to this setup? I don't have room for a horn or a large TL.

Is this speaker suitable for a folded horn, or MLTL?

Just wired it in tonight, and yes at least it is now more listenable if not ideal. Volume control needs to go up a couple of notches about 6dB's I reckon and they are now making bass.

Does this eq boost below about 100Hz?

Looking for a sub, there is another thread on the subwoofer section that's looking into importing the AV12's from AE in the States that looks interesting. Couple them with a plate amp and they may be just the job.

Interestingly, regardless of the drawbacks, the presence and immediacy of these Goodmans means I haven't actually taken them out of circuit since I bought them. I've heard nothing that comes close to the realism these can portray on acoustic music and voice.

Thanks for the tip.

goodmans 201

Being an owner of many goodmans drivers i have been anexperimenter for a while.Ihave tried various designs for them with varying results.Problem i have found with these is getting good bass without annoying the neighbours !!!as these drivers need big boxes to get the best.My alternative to combat this was to build 2 smaller boxes and sit them on a pr of rel subs ie 1 for each channel.The result was sublime at low volumes even though tunin the subs was a challenge.
Jutter, I'm a little puzzled by your post! Surely the subs would annoy the neighbours as much as the 201's in a big box?

I use my 201's in open baffles with subs. The sub filters are 4th order with the crossover point set at around 50Hz. I don't know if it is my subs, or the 201's but the neighbours move away each summer! :D
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