Goodmans 10´s alnico's red painted, worth the pain?

Hello all.

Rainy day here.
Someone in my country ( 400 km from home) is selling a pair of Goodmans 10's, alnicos drivers, with red painting around magnets...

He sais they are full range pulled from some big cabinets.

Someone knows these speakers? Does they worth the pain? ( pain is 80 uss the pair)....

One of the has a little rip on the cone, "easy fixable" sais the seller.
I have a pair of philips 9710 waiting for cabinets too....


Thanks for your opinions

Finally they are at home.
They came well packed.
One is mint, the other has a little rip, no big deal.

They measure 24,5 ohms each, it was a surprise cause i was waiting 16...

I tested them with a sansui quad 8500, with lot of precautions.
The sound was very detailed, and nice.

I am happy, thanks for the push!

Here's a video


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