Good value speaker kits in the UK


Don't get many of these in the UK :

Speaker kit 2: Peerless SKO165 + SR19DT + Crossovers ! on eBay (end time 25-Dec-10 12:07:28 GMT)

Model*SKO165* fs*42* db*90* Re*3.5* Qts*.4 Vas*24.2L

I'd say around 15L tuned to 40Hz, or about 8L well stuffed sealed.

Not so good IMO but worth a look is :
Speaker kit 1: ELAC 180JM + Peerless LSQ19 FREE UK P&P on eBay (end time 23-Dec-10 14:32:48 GMT)
Cannot find bass driver specs but compact sealed stuffed 5-8L seems reasonable.

THere is also an 8" kit, but FWIW I don't like the look of the c/o at all, YMMV.

Of the three I like the look of the first one the most.

rgds, sreten.
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I did not say I thought the Elac kit would not be any good, that's the 8" kit.

However going with my instincts and with my BS detector on full alert I'd
say the 6.5" kit at £4 more than the 5" kit is most likely the best choice.

But both the latter two kits I regard as very good value for what you get.

In both cases (at e.g. Wilmslow Audio) you can do worse for a lot more.

rgds, sreten.

AFAICT for a sealed box, box sizes would be very similar.

Your right, the Elac specs are now published :
Here are the specs:

Resonance: 50hz

Sensitivity: 89db [email protected]

Impedance: 6 ohms

Power: 60 watts nominal

Frequency range: 46-6000 hz

Qms: 1.48

Qes: 0.57

Qts: 0.41

Vas: 29.5 litres (! huge for a 5" driver)

Chassis: 180mm square (erm ... its supposed to be a 5")

Baffle cutout hole: 140mm

Basically very near identical boxes sealed or vented as the Peerless 6.5".
Though how its reckoned one driver is 5" and the other 6.5" is beyond me.

Its a crapshoot between the two, I've no idea which one is really better,
though the Peerless kit does seem to have a more advanced crossover.

rgds, sreten.
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