Good Source For Vishay-Siliconix/Motorola 2N5565, or 2N5564 Dual Jfet?

Hello everyone! I'm about to prototype a Goldmund Mimesis 3 clone, please see this thread: And I'm looking for a good source to purchase original Vishay-Siliconix, or Motorola 2N5565 and 2N5564 dual jfets. Or if any DIYAudio members have any on hand, I would love to buy them from you directly for a reasonable price.

I would like to stay away from any sellers, or distributors from China and Hong Kong and I'm also not interested in the National Semiconductor (NSC) brand.

Thanks for all the help!
No one can help? :(

according to below post it should be fairly easy to get.. ;)

Smartx21 - There is no current equivalent to 2N5565, but that shouldn't scare you away. There are hundreds of electronic parts distributors on the web that sell them. It's a readily available part. I posted some quick options, please go to this thread and read post # 34:

someone in China bought a few hundred pieces of 2N5564 and matched them thru curve tracer, but only get limited no of good matched pairs. Anyway you wouldn't want parts from China, right ?


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Yes, 2N5564, 2N5565, and 2N5566 are easy to get. Just about everyone has the National Semiconductor (NSC) branded parts. What I'm after are either the ancient Motorola branded transistors, or the now virtually obsolete Siliconix. Hundreds of places sell the NSC parts for $15-$25 per piece. Very few sell Motorola and Siliconix and those who do, want $25-$40 per piece. Many distributors who list the Siliconix and Motorola transistors are indeed substituting and selling NSC parts instead.

I was simply asking for help, because there might be someone on DIYAudio who has some on hand and is willing to sell for a reasonable price.