Good soundcard for lap top that works with soundeasy?

I'm thinking about buying a lap top to run soundeasy from. My desktop is in the house, and most of my measurements would be easier to take in a different location, so I'm considering a laptop.

I like the idea of the MobilePre because it's got my mic pre-amp built in, but a lot of people seem to have problems getting it to play nice with soundeasy. Is that still an ongoing issue or has that been straightened out?

If not, what's a good, affordable sound card to consider for taking measurements with Soundeasy on a lap top?

I don't know if it works with SoundEasy or not, but I'm just getting started using a "Creative Audigy 2ZS Noteboook" PCMCIA card. I'm DIY-ing a mic preamp, so phantom power from the card doesn't matter. It's not the quietest card in the world...good for 16-bit, but no benefit from 24-bit samples. Definitely quieter than the MobilePre, which I also have. The 2ZS can do 96kHz full-duplex. Drivers might be a bit flaky, with some compatibility issues depending on your PCMCIA controller.

If it sounds like it's a disaster, it's not, just letting you know the upsides and downsides. I'm fairly happy with it. And with 8 channels out, it will work well for active XO prototyping.

I don't have the link, but somewhere on the Praxis website there's a page dedicated to getting this thing to work at its best. Most of the info would apply to just about any measurement program.

I have used the TRANSIT with SoundEasy, and upgraded to Echo Indigo I/O for higher sampling. I have used the Audigy 2 ZS notebook as well, but there seems to be some inter channel latency (which can be compensated) and probably some jitter. All of these work quite well. Some people reported problems with the TRANSIT, but I think it's probably a setup problem.