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Good price for a Paragon 12A Preamp?


2008-03-16 7:24 pm
Can anyone tell me what a good price would be for a Paragon 12A Preamp in good condition?

I'm hoping someone can help me out. A friends husband died and left a large collection of vintage audio equipment that I'm trying to sell on Ebay for her. One of the things is this preamp, that a number of people have asked if they can just buy instead of going through the auction. The highest offer has been for $555.00. I don't know enough about it to know if that's as high as it's likely to go, or if I should just leave it listed as an aution. She and their daughter could really use the money right now, so I don't want to sell it too low, but the sooner I get this stuff out of my dining room the better.

Thanks in advance
From the designer...

My first entry into the audio world was in 1974 when I started a small company called Paragon Audio. Our "somewhat famous" Paragon Model 12A preamplifier, received many rave reviews, and some of those units still surface from time to time on Ebay, where they are coveted for their stunning sound, and command a premium price. I sold that company to BSR/ADC and headed up an exciting lineup at ADC in the late '70s before coming back to California to get into the emerging micro-computer industry. After 20-some years of that, it was time to get back to those lovely tubes, and a business with a little more soul, and at a little more human scale. And so, JuicyMusic was born from a desire for an old-fashioned craft style business working directly with customers...and working directly with my own hands.

If they want it, they'll bid. It sounds like these folks have lost out on one of these in a previous auction - which bodes well for your friend.


2007-01-03 5:08 pm
"Let them bid" -- I'd agree with that. Watch the last two minutes or so (esp. the last few seconds) of the auction. I'll bet your price increases exponentially in that time! Good luck with the sale; it's nice of you to help this family out.

EDIT: I threw a bid in just for fun. Looks like a nice unit! I am sure I'll be outbid, but the "bump" was for a good cause! :)


2006-08-18 2:43 pm
Help with my Paragon 12A

From the designer...

If they want it, they'll bid. It sounds like these folks have lost out on one of these in a previous auction - which bodes well for your friend.

When I first bought mine on eBay, the seller included a reprint from an audio mag with a glowing (no pun intended) review. You said it got several of these such reviews. Do you have copies you can email me?

Also, I really could use a schematic. Mine is hand drawn and copied so many times I can't read the parts values.

You should have stayed at it with Paragon. What beautiful work!