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Good Price 2SA1943 2SC5200 for sell!

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sorry to replay u late
cos my computer have problem.
so can't online few days.

For 50 pair, how much would shipping be to Oregin in the U.S.? How do you need payment. Do you take PayPal?

depends what kind of shipment u want UPS DHL or Airmail
i will change that fee to your order but no handling fee
u can see the below site
i think must below $25USD if use airmail.

i can take paypal.

One final thought. I would hope these are not the leftovers after someone went through the lot and took out pairs that closely matched.

must not that 25pcs have Toshiba bag packed. have't opened.

feel free to asks


some correction of the postage
18.5 for post to USA Canada and
other country outside Asia (50 pairs)



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