good pre-amp for 300$

I use a b1 pre amp, and want to see if I can make something bettter.

What do you guys suggest within 300$? I can go either passive or not. I need two outputs that will play simultanely because I use the preamp to bi amp my speakers. I also use the output, going into my midrange and tweeter, as a crossover that cut the signal around 300hz.
what is a definite step up from a B1 pre amp...
maybe I dont even need a pre amp?
only need a pre amp because I use it to bi-amp my speakers. one output is going into my mains, one output going into my bass speakers. I also just use a simple first order crossover for the mains to cut the signal around 300hz. Do I have another possibility that could be as good or better then any pre amp?
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