Good opamps.

Well, I've built my opamp based pre-amp and tried out the OPA2134PA, OPA2604AP, OPA2132P, LM6172 opamps and am sticking with the OPA2132P for now (using a socket, and apparently the LM6172's don't like sockets). I don't need many of them so I just go with free samples and was wondering if there are any other good opamps worth mentioning which would do better then the OPA2132P? I'm using dual's so the AD825, AD845 and OA627 are unfortunately not possible.

EDIT: Wow, I decided to slap in the LM6172 in the socket and it apparently doesn't have any rpoblems with it at all, sounds very nice. I heard there was a new improved version of this? Anyone know what it is and if it's available in a dual opamp?
yeah, the chips are supposed to be very good.
i have a few but the PCB´s i designed with it never seemed to work properly. all circuits ended up as a kinda radio
i actually like opa134,2134 more cause they´re less sensitive and they sound really good.
BTW:ever tried a opamp based power amplifier? for example rod elliot´s design?
i´m really interested to build one of those but don´t know if it´s worth it.
Well, I'm just about finished my opamp based power-amp based on Rod Elliots LM3875 project. I'm using the LM3886T, five of them for five channels. I've finished off the amp-modules/heatsinks and chasis. I'm just waiting for my transformers for my power suply. Some people consider them "audiophile quality" and others don't. I'll let you know how it goes.

Jamie F

2001-12-15 12:33 am

The OPA2134, like most of the op-amps mentioned in this thread, is a high quality device - much better than devices used in much of the recording equipment CD's are produced with. Distinctly noticeable HF problems will be due to your circuit or some other factor, and almost certainly not your opamp.