Good Morning!


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2002-10-03 10:26 am
Hello diyAudio.

I am trying hard not to start this introduction by being too effusive regarding how useful, helpful, informative, entertaining, educational, accessable, .........etc, this forum is. I've been looking at this site for some months and it seems to have become a habit, as there is regularly some useful piece of information which I shall be able to apply to my own projects in the future.

My audio background: Mad keen since my mid-teens, always taking the lid off things to see how they are put together. (These days I usually only buy the hi-fi rags if they have 'topless' photos.) Occasionally made various class B amps in my early 20's, usually 100W+ for friends hifi systems or PA use. Even made one in a metal drill case (ex Black & Decker) which I could open in seconds (don't ask why-it was fun at the time!).

My own system evolved from Garrard SP25 MkII, Rogers Cadet III, and baby Wharfedales via Thorens TD160 to Dunlop Systemdek MkIV with NAD3150 (dual-mono amp that really kicked butt at parties when I was a student) & KEF Carina's. That system got stolen and I ended up playing the Systemdek through an Amstrad amp and mis matched speakers.

Graduated to the Linn LP12 with a Musical Fidelity 'The Preamp' into Quad II valve amps and Heybrook HB1's. Deep Purple does sound glorious through valves, I promise you! Got a major injection of cash into system following a road accident which allowed me to buy Naim 32.5/SNAPS/160 with Spendor
Prelude speakers.

Since then there have been the usual expenses of adult life, kids etc, and no upgrades. Then I discovered Passlabs, Passdiy, and this forum. I dallied briefly with the idea of the A75, but the more I surf this forum and other Aleph sites, the more the Aleph amps appeal.

Just starting to put the parts together for a pair of Aleph 5 Mono amps, already got 2 x t/formers. Kristan K's PCB's look good and Apex Jr appear to have some suitable 26000uF caps.

Watch this space!