Good Flush Cutters For Modern Steel Lead Components?


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2004-03-24 5:16 am
SF Bay Area
Are you sure you need flush cutters? They are fragile (even carbide). The best carbide cutters I have used were made by a company that now makes dental tools- ETM. Several others also make them but they are expensive. look for Lindstrom, Erem ($311!!!), Knipex ($150 @ Home Depot!),

Some resistors have had steel leads for 50 years. Its not new. A semiflush cutter works fine on those. Usually you need a flush cutter when workjing with really fragile stuff where the shock from a semiflush cut could cause a problem.

This search will show most of what is available.

I'm getting some of mine retipped (around $50 ea). After looking at the prices a very good investment.
Same here: in my view,and maybe I am too conservative, real flush equires a very sharp assymetric sharpening angle which is very tough on nippers, unless you are cutting copper.

Allowing for not-that-flush cut, leaving small stubs behind, is not a big deal and widens the field enormously.

That said, I have bought standard cut nippers,highest quality available,and have carefully ground them into almost flush cutters, main care is to NOT let hem overheat in the least, I go slooooowwwww and cool them frequently.

As usual,YMMV.

The main reason is not cost, but hurry, I can buy very good "normal" ones atthe corner hardware store, the real good Electronics type must be ordered and waited for.