Good Evening

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First time, long time. Err, a couple years.

I’ve been working thru some kits and vintage buys. Starting to get into things I need to understand instead of follow directions. Slowly. Fair amount of gear when I think about it: akitika amp, b1 korg, bugle 2, elekit preamp. Homemade tiny radials, econowaved advent 2’s, Jbl L86 & L40, ads L300c. Sony str-6055, HK 330b. Dual 1229q, pioneer pl-518, rega rp1.

I borrowed some Fostex blh and have been lurking around the full range board lately.

Also picked up two tokin 2sk180s a while back and need to figure out how to implement them. Recently grabbed Aleph J boards that I hope will help to better understand amps.