Good drivers for studio monitors

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Can anyone direct me to some pages with Studio monitor worthy drivers?

i will need my sub mid and highs
and i want to make sure im buying everything at high quality =)
(but as cheep as quality go's lol)

Replacements and so on ,
im from UK so will need to be avalable in that region

Basicly im looking to build monitors of the quality (in sound) of the likes of M-audio and JBL

8/10 inch drivers

When project starts i will post pictures =)
i have some experience in building speakers , i have a nice 15" scoop faceing me right now =)

Thanks alot people
Volt:Welcome to Volt Loudspeakers

ATC:ATC Loudspeakers. ATC Monitors. ATC SCM. ATC Speakers. Manufacturers of speakers, monitors, drive units and amplifiers.

Neither site has prices. Wilmslow Audio ( sells both but are not the cheapest.
Volt Studio are a lot cheaper but only sell Volt.
The drivers I use are Volt RV3143 in a transmission line, very much like PMC XB2s.
Before you check the prices you might want to sit down and take a deep breath!;-)

I can't really say anything about the driver in your link as I am not familiar with it.
The Vifa D27 is a really good tweeter btw, madisound sells them for just under $30. ATC use them for some of their own monitors and together with PMC and Quested Audio they are about as good as it gets. The latter two use Volt woofers and mids, I think Quested uses Morel tweets and I have no idea which tweets PMC installs.
Well im on a serious budget lol (hence why i build all my speekers)

The m-audio like one is hard for me to get in the uk wich sucks =/

I may go for this yellow one and see how it goes
my friends citronic run under the same drivers as far as we can tell
Citronic : Product : 170.341UK

What sort of stuff do i need to look for in a speeker?

like what specs should i be looking at for quality in sound?
Given a budget and from what appears to be available from Wilmslow I'd go for these:

In a 30litre ported (5.2cm dia, 12.5cm length) box it should give a -3dB point of 42Hz.
I would run them active as passive crossovers are a pain in the neck!
Not very good with all the data (may be some one who knows more than me could chime in here), I just go by gut instinct. Worked well so far for me!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.