Good DIY 2.1 amp for Music/HT (70% music)


2015-10-09 9:33 pm
Hell all,

I am looking to build an amp to power speakers down to 4ohm at around 80wpc at 8ohm and maybe 120 or so wpc at 4ohm. I listen to mainly jzz, classic rock, and classical. I do also want to use this for movies which is why I'm thinking of 2.1. I have an Aviatrix speaker kit by Speaker Design Works coming in tomorrow and will bild the MLTL version which has an F3 of 40hz and an f6 of 30hz. I wanted to later upgrade to the Statements II down the road which was designed by the same people. Does anyone know any good kits to look into for 2.1? This is my first speaker project and I am a newby, but can study what is needed as long as the build process isn't too overly complicated. I am on the fence though. Maybe I should build a 2.0 amp for now being that it can play down to 40hz, then think of something else for movies or something. I did see a couple of kits which one is monoblock (Bi120 by ampslab) and a 2.0 system (GT 101 by Akitika). These don't allow for 2.1 out of the box. I am sure there is a way to send a seperate third signal through a low pass filter for a sub. Would be better if it was configurable though like changing the filtering from 40hz to 30hz like with a Statement II upgrade.