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When my projects cross the $1500 line, I buy a book. Can someone recommend a really good book for DIY speaker building?

I'm thinking of doing a nice 4 way MTMW or TMMW design. Should I get a seperate book for the crossover? (if so, what?)

I'll definetely recommend getting "The loudspeaker design cookbook" 6th ed. by Vance Dickason. This'll give you the formulas you need for most designs. If you are looking for some more "background" on loudspeaker design, get "High performance loudspeakers" 5th ed. by Martin Colloms.
I haven't actually read 5th ed. but only the 4th ed. I've heard that the new edition is much better, but I can't tell you.

My 0.02 $...

good thread

There was a good thread over at aa tweaker's asylum in which victor k and john curl gave their recommendations on such a book.

I just can't find the thread!

Something to do with radiotrons or something..aagh

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That would be the Radio Designer's Handbook by F. Langford-Smith, formerly titled Radiotron Designer's Handbook. It's available in a reprint edition, but is not cheap. It's primarily about tubes, but many of the principles (e.g. followers) remain the same when going to solid state. It's a fair hunk of book--1498 pages. Highly technical.
There were a number of threads back last spring (?) about what books were good for this and that. You might prod around in them and see what you can find.

Myren said:
sorry, i assumed a crossover is defined by the number of speakers attached to it. i actually dont know if this is the case or not. one more reason why i need a good book.

This is not the case ..... the order of the crossover refers to how steeply the sound from each speaker drops off around where they crossover ...... 4th order = 24dB/octave, nth order = n x 6dB/octave
If you're going to design your own speakers start with a good book - maybe "The loudspeaker design cookbook". To design the crossovers you're going to need software - I use CALSOD. I can also suggest Speaker Workshop for impedance measurements and acoustic if you can get your hands o a good microphone.
I think my one blessing is that theres a relatively high end audio shop down the road that seems to know their ****. And they've got equipment. And they'd be willing to take pity on a poor college schmoe like myself, and let me borrow their sound rooms for some audio tests if I need em. Hopefully have a free measuring room.

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