Good A/B amplifier


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2001-01-06 1:32 pm
Im planing to build good ab class amplifier to drive my JMlab Point Source speakers. Now im using DoZ but this amp is not powerful enough to play rock music.
wich amp sound better leach or Elliott 60-100w amp (project 3a)If anybody have another amp in mind please write.
I just put my rebuilt Leach amplifier with new ver. 4.5 boards into service; it sounds significantly better than
the nearly twenty year old ver 2.something boards. I
immediately noticed a larger sound field and better imagining, more detail and less sense of strain. I wasn't
expecting to hear much of a difference, so I'm very pleased.

I used Black Gates in the diff amp for the negative feedback input and power supply filtering.

Eventually I want to rebuild the amplifier yet again,
using better linearity transistors like the -1302/3281