Good 2" compression drivers?

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Hello all, I'm looking for a good 2 inch compression driver to go into some new cabinets I'm building. I favor jbl's 244* series, but they are so heavy it's not difficult to snap off the neck of a horn without a support structure. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Almost all compression drivers (at least serious 2" units) will require a support bracket, including the Selenium Neo unit (at 7.5 lbs). This is a good bit of weight to hang on to an extended horn. In the old days, most horns were made from cast metals, but today, almost all are fiberglass or ABS. Use a bracket!!
Thanks Cal and Ron, we had looked at that selenium driver, have you heard it?
After looking around at 2 inchers, it does appear that any driver worth it's weight is gonna have some mass to it. It is going to be mounted to a 110 degree horn in a line array box so the neck won't be too long but it's still a lot of force to be hanging there.
Budget wise, considering what jbl gets for a 2446, probably anything less than one of those. Around $200 per would be a nice max though. Thanks!
Though I don't have any personal experience working with 2" compression drivers, I've heard good things about the BMS neo coaxial unit (the 4594ND). Though the measurements in VoiceCoil magazine are pretty simplistic, the Beyma CP-750Nd was measured and the results looked just like the published spec.

It also like B&C and Beyma are on the top of people's lists these days with respect to state-of-the-art compression drivers.

The 1" exit B&C de200/250/25/500 are all good sounding drivers at great prices. Definitely the top of my list, especially the de25 and de250.

I don't have any experience with the 2" drivers but none of them really striked my interest with their crappy FR plots. Can I ask why you're going with a 2" instead of a 1" exit? Is the lower frequency response the only reason?

The de500 is a beast and will do +/- 3db from 900hz-17khz at >105db@1w and is extremely tiny and light weight for its performance.
The Selenium D3500Ti is a very good unit, but it is pricey (as most all neo units are). More cost effiective are the Selenium D4400Ti (4' dia) or the D3300Ti (3" dia). Both have very good extension, but are again heavy. A good buy are the older D405Ti or D408Ti. These are a bargain if you are on a budget. Again, heavy.
If you want very smooth neutral midrange, the D405 with a phenolic diaphragm is great, although you will need to use a tweeter with it, since it rolls off above 5k or so. This is my personal favorite in a 2" compression driver (from a hi-fi perspective). I dont mind using a seperate tweeter, and would do so even with the wider range units using titanium diaphragms, due to beaming with any decent midrange horn. If you havent used Selenium products, do yourself a favor. The favorible exchange rate makes them a real bargain compared to JBL, or the European offerings of similar quality.
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