Gomyhit_com virus attack............

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I have been hit by the virus that points to the web site gomyhit.com when you click on the pop up it generates ( Net link switched off of course !).

The two different pop ups claim that the computer is infected and needs to be cleaned.
"click here to download the software to clean the computer !"

Not the exact text but the gist of it.
I tried all suggestions given on the web ( after doing a Google ) but the nasty thing still stays.
Does anyone know how to get rid of it ? Anyone done it successfully? Worst case would be to reformat the drive. That would be one whole day lost !
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What virus software are you using? If you are using Mcafee it
sometimes works to reboot and go int o safe mode and do a virus scan. Mcafee will sometimes find a virus when in safe mode
that gets by in in normal operation. I also like to use spybot a free spyware scanner and Spyware Doctor. I have also run across a popup telling me my computer is infected that won't let me close it out. I have to unplug the computer a real pain in the a** but it doesn't realy infect the computer.
Well you think thats bad... I got one (smart lil sucker) that what it does is sits, and downloads dozens of viruses, and then releases them all at once. One day I noticed weird activity on my Ethernet port and then one day it stopped, and all these viruses came up. You cant delete them because they are self spawning. They just keep making copies of it's self. it's so bad, that I can have NOTHING running, and I hear music from my computer, and voices saying I won a new XBOX360. and NOTHING is open or running! even task manager fails to see any apps running.
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Ashok, I have no experience with this particular virus but I can give a few rules of thumb:

Disable system restore.
AVG and antivir are two good scanners. Download them and make sure they are up to date.
Clean your temp folders including temporary internet folders. Empty your recycling bin.

Reboot in safe mode and run both.


Download hitmanpro and let it run:

I have just got rid of a "backdoor" trojan.

AVG and Panda could not see it but it was detected by my free version of Spyware Doctor (but could not get rid of it without paying)

I tried downloading some other anti-spyware.
One, which came off a Google sponsored link, was itself infected !!!!
Another did not detect the spyware I had but did report more different ones.

In the end, I bought Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.

So now I have Spyware Doctor, Panda Platinum, AVG anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit, Spybot, Windows Defender, and Spyware Blaster.

I have just done a scan with AVG anti-spyware and I still have a tracking cookie !!!!!!!!!!

How do the little things get past the defenses ?????????

poynton said:
Unfortunately, some programs do not work without cookies!

The trick is to be selective.

There is/was an option to only accept cookies from the originating server and some browsers are deprecating this. No prizes for guessing where this influence came from.

Aside from using another browser, another option is to maintain a firewall with ad server sites blacklisted or patronised.
For those who asked about what software I used to remove the problem.
1. AVG Antispyware
3.Avast ! Antivirus
plus some other software that some web sites suggested ..those ran in DOS mode.I removed them after trying them out.
None helped so far. The blasted thing is still on my computer !

Must check if there is a UFO hovering around my locality !:hot:

Thanks for all the suggestions.
If by now you know the name and location of the offending files, but they refuse to be deleted, even in safe mode, then do this....

Make an Ubuntu live disk and then load it into the sick PC. After Ubuntu loads, make sure the hard drive with the windows OS is mounted, and then navigate to the directory with the files you want deleted. Move the files to the trash bin, empty the trash bin, and then restart the PC into windows.

This is about the only use I've found for Ubuntu so far, as I'm not a big fan of Windows PE.
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