goldwood plus NSB plus DIY ribbon

Here is the time line:
Saw boombox speakers in trash. Mounted free drivers to OB and marveled at the soundstage. (NOT quality!!!)
Decided to go OB.
I spontaniously built a pair of ribbon tweeters.
Going for cheap, bought two goldwood ten inch subwoofers and eight NSBs.

Two days from now i will assemble all of this mess so time is of the essense.
I am wracking my brain as to where to put the tweeter in relation to the four midwoofers.
I think Keeping them in line will be best. and I want to have the smallest speaker witch the tweeters are at an apropriate height. If i put the four in line with the tweet on top will i be able to hear it? Or should i put them in line and put the tweet to the side? Putting it to the side will move the woofers out of the center of the baffle. Will i be able to hear this?

I will read the replies tomorrow and built sunday. Wish me luck, and i will add pics and a complete construction diary upon request! Many thanks!