Golden Age Pre 73

I have a Golden Age Pre 73 Preamp that I would like to do something different with. I have 4 Seven Circle N72s so I have the Neve sound covered. What I am considering doing is upgrading the input and output transformers, changing all of the transistors to germanium, adding a PAD switch, and a "thick" switch(light low end boost). What I would really like is a Chandler Limited Germanium Pre but that's a lot of money and no where near as fun.

I know how to upgrade the Transformers and I think I can figure out the transistors. How would I make a PAD and Low Boost switch? Where would I need to insert those in the circuit?

Also would changing the transistors to germanium make any difference? The only reason I thought I would do that is because that's what the Chandler uses.

It doesn't work that way.

It will either stop working or work in a horrible way, because of the terrible bias mismatch, lack of current gain, current loss, etc.

Plus I doubt you can find many NPN germanium transistors, if any.

Sound is not "in the parts" but "in the design".

You can't just throw some vintage parts there and expect it to sound like a properly designed vintage product.