Gold plated female quick connect spade terminals (.110", .187")


2007-12-25 4:16 pm
North Creek Music used to supply these and that is where I ordered my last batch. It seems they are now supplying only to OEM.

On this page which is no longer accessible from their main page they list gold plated quick connects in .110" .187" and .250" sizes. I'm looking for a new source for these as I'm completely out of .110" at this point, have only 3 .187" and 4 .250" left and need more of the .110 and .187 sizes today :( I tried sending in an order to the North Creek sales email so we'll see if they still sell to me in small quantities although I'm not hopeful.

Does anyone else know of a source? I found some .250" gold ones at partsexpress

However I really need the other sizes.